Inogen G5, Rove 6 Sieve Beds Service Part, Pair of Columns combined RP-502 (VAT RELIEF)

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About this item:

G5, Rove 6 Replacement parts:

RP-502 Inogen Columns (G5/Rove 6) - G5/Rove 6 Sieve Beds, Pair of Columns (VAT RELIEF)

  • Replacement column pair for the Inogen One G5 or Inogen Rove 6 oxygen concentrator
  • Easy to replace
  • Enhanced durability thanks to newly designed housing
  • Expected lifespan of 12 - 24 months


The two columns (or molecular sieves, or just sieves) are positioned inside the portable oxygen concentrator. They filter out nitrogen from the air, leaving purified oxygen for effective oxygen therapy. The active ingredient inside the columns deteriorates slowly, this is a natural process. When the effectiveness of the columns drops below a certain level, the concentrator will warn you, showing the symbol below on the display. You can still use your concentrator safely for 30 days after the message first appears.


The Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 columns have a newly designed housing, less exposing them to moisture and other external influences. To maximize their lifespan, it is recommended to use the concentrator regularly; this helps keeping the columns dry. When the inside of the columns is exposed to moisture, the active ingredient will stick together, reducing its ability to filter out nitrogen. There is a 1 year warranty on this product.


You can easily replace the columns yourself. Consult the user manual of your Inogen One G5 or Inogen Rove 6 oxygen concentrator for more information. 

Product Specifications:

Brand Name: Inogen, Inc.



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RP-502 Inogen Columns (G5/Rove 6) - G5/Rove 6 Sieve Beds, Pair of Columns

Item Model: G5, Rove 6

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