Pasante Blueberry Blast Flavoured Bulk Pack of 144

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Sensual pleasure can be hard to come by. Pasante Blueberry Blast Condoms offer a tantalizing solution: their sweet, fruity scent adds a delightfully playful element to intimate moments. Their purple hue adds a creative, novelty touch. The thin, flexible latex snugly hugs the body, while the built-in lubricant provides extra slickness. For a truly decadent experience, the condoms offer a pleasant berry aroma that eliminates any unpleasant latex taste during sexual intercourse. Measuring 53mm wide and 190mm long, these condoms are the perfect size for a satisfying fit. With a thickness of just 0.07mm, they offer maximum pleasure with minimal disruption. Pasante Blueberry Blast Condoms make it easier to re-ignite passion and bring greater sensual pleasure to all kinds of romantic activities.


  • Contains 144 condoms
  • Non-spermicidally lubricated
  • Kitemarked
  • CE marked
  • Does not contain animal-derived ingredients including casein
  • Alcohol-free
  • 190mm nominal length
  • 53mm nominal width



                Natural rubber latex and silicone oil lubricant


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