SUPER B PLUS GROUP LTD. recognize that improving human health and wellbeing guided by research and innovation is important.

We are happy to work with the universities or other institutions that requires:

- low or large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ);

- special product size or product packaging;

- placebo tablets;

- custom formulation to suit the requirements of your study.

SUPER B PLUS GROUP LTD, will use its world-leading expertise to meet this your demand and will provide a much needed independent, credible and trustworthy service. 

SUPER B PLUS GROUP LTD. medical research products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients to produce some of the best vitamins, minerals & botanical supplements, sports nutrition products for your study. 

Depending on your need we have manufacturing facilities that are GMP compliant, and FDA Registered. We will deliver your product in a timely manner and under the best quality.

For more information, please contact us using our Contact Form.