Infusion Pump

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About this item:

Kapsam Infusion Pump is a high-sensitive volumetric pump which implements its infusion function through a microprocessor. It accurately controls the stepping motor to produce the forces through a mechanical transmission device to spur the peristaltic sheets.

Innovative Design Better Sensibility

UI Design
High-Quality-Quality PBT Enclosure

Intelligent Safety More Care

Fast Start


Dynamic Alarm lnstructions

≤±3% ≥1 ml/h - Precision
0.1ml/h 2000ml/h - Rate
6 Levels - Bubbles Size
IP24 - High IP Level


Auto-Lock Screen
Dual CPU
Human Voice Alarm
History Record Cassette
Night Mode
System Self-Test
WLAN Function

Product Description:

Infusion Pump
Infusion Pump

Product Specifications:

Product Code: KS-X

Brand Name: Kapsam