Gedarel 20mcg/150mcg Tablets (Ethinylestradiol/Desogestrel) x63

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PLEASE NOTE - RESTRICTED PRODUCT: Professional purchase only. As wholesale distributors we supply medicinal products only to person who themself in possession of a wholesale distribution authorisation or who are authorised or entitled to supply medicinal products to the public. Credentials will be manually verified before any purchases are authorised. Delivery restricted to business address only. Pharmaceuticals cannot be supplied to the public, and prescriptions cannot be accepted. If you are not Pharma approved, you should contact us using our Contact Form to request new customer questionnaire & Terms and Conditions, and approval. Once completed, we will let you know when your account has been given Pharma Approval. For more information please click this link.



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Pharmaceuticals can only be ordered via an official purchase order & pay by bank deposit, and only by yourself or the persons you have named as authorised to purchase and receive medicinal products on your behalf. This does not impact non-pharmaceutical items you may buy from us.