CD Denaturing Kits 250ml - Pack of 3

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About this item: 

  • These kits now fully destroy the drugs compared to similar products on the market that only encapsulate the drugs - a much safer method of drug denaturing
  • Patented technology
  • No crushing required
  • Wide neck for easy fill
  • Visible fill lines so it is easy to see where to fill to
  • Clear tub means no need to open the lid to check contents or progress
  • Very fast acting - turns the contents to a semi-solid gel in just 30 seconds
  • Full denaturing process is complete after 1-2 minutes, contents turn green so you know when the process has completed
  • Instructions printed on container label to help make the process quick and simple
  • Single use only
  • Complies with Misuse of Drugs Regulation (1985) amended
  • Range of 7 sizes to accommodate many different facilities 


Product Description:

Pharmasafe® Controlled Drug Destruction Kits - 250ml
Say goodbye to the hassle of crushing drugs, as our wide-neck design allows for easy fill, while visible lines ensure accurate measurements. The clear tub eliminates the need to open the lid, providing a clear view of contents and progress.

Experience the speed of action as contents turn into a semi-solid gel in just 30 seconds, with the full denaturing process concluding in 1-2 minutes, marked by a noticeable color change to green.

For ease and simplicity, instructions are printed on the container label, facilitating quick and efficient usage. The single-use feature ensures optimal safety standards.

With a product code on the container label, re-ordering becomes hassle-free. Compliant with Misuse of Drugs Regulation (1985) amended, our range of 7 sizes caters to diverse facilities. Choose Pharmasafe® for unparalleled controlled drug destruction.


Product Specifications: 

Pack Size: 3
Size: 250ml

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