Breathing Exercise Device for Lungs Expander Respiratory Muscle Trainer Strengthen Drug-free Therapy

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About this item: 

Sonmol Breathing Trainer for Lung Expander Respiratory Muscle Trainer Therapy Inspiratory Expiratory Volumetric Exerciser for Natural Mucus Relief Breathing Exercise Device for Lungs Healthy Care Accessories

People who have respiratory problems and healthy people all benefit from the respiratory muscle training.

FDA Approved

* Training the inspiratory and expiratory muscles to increase the lungs capacity and ventilation ability

* Efficiently get 30% training performance improved comparing any devices only with single function breathing exerciser.

* Decrease the acute attack of COPD and Asthma by respiratory training with this device

* Improve oxygen uptake to vital organs and increase MIP and MEP

* Strengthen peak cough ability to remove mucus easier

* Support Parkinson's sufferers to strengthen their swallow and speech abilities

* Help enlarge the endurance for athletes or singers to improve their performance

* Train to help with the ventilation disorder of the sleep apnoea patients.

* Several inhalation and exhalation level settings for people with different demands

* Low daily cost, portable, lightweight and easy to clean

* Whole body the medical grade material


Product Description: 


* People who are looking for their health and those who need lung capacity training, designed for adults, elderly, children, smokers, swimmers, athletes, singers and more.

* People who suffer respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and COPD, post-Covid19, post chest or lung surgery, lung function decline

* People who need lung function recovery to reduce and prevent postoperative pulmonary complications."

How to Use

1. Stand or sit upright and hold the Respiratory Muscle Trainer.

2. Seal your lips firmly around the mouthpiece.

3. Adopt diaphragmatic breathing. Use only your mouth for breathing in and out.

4. Starting from level 1 of the trainer is recommended.

5. Increase the resistance level when you're able to do more.

6. Breathe in and breathe out thoroughly as slow as possible.

7. Practice 5-10 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day to enjoy a better vital capacity in 3 weeks of continuous use.


Product Specifications: 

Tips: 2 Different shape mouthpiece

Name: Breathing Exercise Device

Material: Medical Grade Material

Function 1: Respiratory Muscle Strength

Function 2: Lung function recovery

Function 3: Lung capacity training

Feature: Portable, Lightweight and easy to clean

Color: Blue and White

Certification: FDA

Brand Name: Sonmol

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