18 C TempShell - Element Fluid Elements Ice Packs

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About this item:

Closure: aluminum laminated foil and protective plastic cap. A liquid crystal thermometer 10°C to 40°C Shows the current temperature of the storage element. Maintains a temperature from 15°C to 20°C 

Product Description:

Order No. (Pair): A 0900 37
Consists of 2 shells
Outer: 275 x 155 x 60 mm
Inner: 210 x 110 x 30 mm
Color: PE Natural
Fluid: green
Weight: 2 x 0,55 = 1,1 kg


Product Specifications:

Model Number: A 0900 37

Brand Name: delta T

Delivery times:

- Standard Delivery is around 5 to 15 business days (UK) from a shipping confirmation

- Standard Delivery is around 5 to 15 business days (EU & Europe & USA) from a shipping confirmation

- Standard Delivery is around 5 to 20 business days (other countries) from a shipping confirmation

If product not in stock current lead time to be confirmed.

Ship from: International

Fluid Elements

Fluids: + 37 ° C / + 22 ° C / + 18 ° C / + 4 ° C / -18 ° C / -21 ° C / -30 ° C / -50 ° C available as accu.

These fluid elements have been specially designed for Insulated Boxes such as the BlueLine Box, the delta T Insulated Bags (BlueLine Bag), Vacuum Boxes and other transport boxes in our product range. The temperature corresponding to the battery is kept constant for many hours during the transport of the goods.


Right temperatures in transport logistics

High Efficiency

  • Multi-use and disposable solution
  • Secured and safe
  • Control system
  • High availability
  • GDP, FDA, DQ, IQ, PQ, OQ compliance

The most effective, efficient, easy to use and reliable for the cold chain of pharmaceutical, from source to destination. 

Transport logistics solutions for:

Blood Transfusion Centers
Pharmaceutical Companies
Cold Chain Logistics Providers
BioTechnological & Clinical Research Companies