Portable Breathing Monitoring Spirometer Lungs Peak Flow Meter

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Vital capacity (VC) refers to the total amount of gas that can be exhaled at a time when you try to breathe in. Adult men's vital capacity is about 3500-4000 milliliters, and women are about 2500-3000 milliliters. The better the health is, the greater the vital capacity is.

Spirometer is a portable, handheld device for measuring your ability to exhalate air from the lungs, and can provide a correct data to reflect the ventilation of the trachea.


Product Description: 

The importance of vital capacity:

The vital capacity of the lung is closely related to the human respiration. Physiological studies show that the organs, systems, tissues, and organs of the human body

Spirometry (low values compared with normal values), indicating that the body oxygen uptake and exhaust, the oxygen supply inside the body is not sufficient, once the body needs a lot of oxygen consumption situation (such as long time learning, work, strenuous exercise) there will be a serious shortage of oxygen supply, resulting in adverse reactions such as headache, dizziness, chest tightness, listlessness, inattention, memory loss, insomnia, this will not only affect the learning and work, and will cause many irreparable losses to health.

Breathing methods to increase the vital capacity of the lungs:

Physical exercise can significantly improve the vital capacity, for example can often do some chest, rallying and other calisthenics exercises, insist on endurance running swim and play football, basketball, running, like runners and swimmers of the vital capacity of up to 6000 ml or more. It is important to note that no matter the choice of the method, it must be constant and constant practice to be effective.


Usage method:

1. Move the red movable buoy to the starting point.

2. use the mouth to hold the blue mouth, breathe deeply, hold the breath, blow out a breath, and try to blow the buoy farther.

3. Observe the location scale of floating buoys. The average adult men can reach 400L/min, the females can reach 350L/min, and athletes and vital capacity can reach 600-700L/min. (routinely calculated by milliliter ml. This lung activity meter is measured by ascending L. The conversion is as follows: if the scale you measure is 400L/min, the conversion to regular units is 4000ml/min.


Product Specifications:

Model Number: PEF

Certification: CE

Brand Name: HealthMedE

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