Project Management

SUPER B PLUS GROUP LTD is the UK's premier one-stop shop for pharmaceutical products, vitamins & supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, medical devices, medical & laboratory equipment, disposable medical products, ultrasound machines and much more. 

With over 10,000 products, Super B Plus Group Ltd is the ideal partner for companies who participate to any type of projects. Our catalogue and website are perfect instruments for an easy and quick search of thousands of products and allow simple ordering.

Our website and Super B Plus Group Ltd Catalogue is designed to make it easier for you to find, choose and buy your medical consumables and equipment.

After receiving an enquiry, Super B Plus Group Ltd will issue an offer and supply technical material and/or certificates that can be used by customer for project requirements. 

Our SERVICES AND EXPERTISE including expert project management: skills, accuracy, expertise and confidentiality will help you to complete a high-quality project on time and within a budget.

We are able to supply pharmaceutical products and accessories to meet all your project's requirements. 

Super B Plus Group Ltd is the biggest and most trusted pharmaceutical supplier, wholesaler, and distributor in the UK, supplying diversified pharma medicines at affordable prices. 

Super B Plus Group Ltd is structured and geared for efficiency and speed.

Exclusive partnership agreements with selected generic and biosimilar manufacturers provides significant cost savings, as well as the ability to supply brite stock and placebo manufacturing.

We offer continuous resupply.

We assess and understand your supply needs quickly, provide quotes in a timely manner, and supply the drugs or other products you need within each of the markets where you need them. We have the flexibility and the relationships to develop contingency plans if there is ever a supply issue.

We are happy to work with the universities or other institutions that requires:

- low or large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ);

- special product size or product packaging;

- placebo tablets;

- custom formulation to suit the requirements of your study.


Dedicated Project Manager who can answer your questions.




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