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As a responsible business, Super B Plus Group Ltd prioritizes sustainability in all aspects of our operations, including social, economic, and environmental responsibilities. Our efforts align with our company mission of preserving and enhancing lives, and we continue to demonstrate this commitment through our annual sustainability report. Each year, we strive to improve the thoroughness and accuracy of our reporting. Super B Plus Group Ltd is a leading global distributor and wholesaler of a diverse range of healthcare and medical products, including pharmaceuticals, food supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, equipment, and medical devices. Our products are designed to improve the well-being of individuals, and we take pride in being the brand behind Super B Plus Group Ltd vitamins, minerals, botanical supplements, sports nutrition, and natural hair and skincare products. Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and continuously evaluate how our resources, knowledge, and influence can make a positive impact on the health of our planet.


Super B Plus Group Ltd has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability by aligning our business and sustainability strategies. Our Sustainability Steering Committee, formed in 2021, is responsible for integrating sustainability into our long-term strategic planning and daily operations. Since its formation, the committee has made significant strides in evaluating global sustainability issues, establishing, and monitoring progress toward our sustainability priorities and targets, and reinforcing accountability for sustainability within our company's highest levels of leadership. We prioritize delivering exceptional customer service and supporting their needs, while also investing in Quality Standards.We also recognize the importance of preserving the environment and strive to implement effective environmental awareness and controls throughout our operations, with the goal of continuously improvingour environmental performance in a financially responsible manner. Our policy serves as the foundation for establishing ongoing environmental objectives that drive our operations.


Our company integrates sustainability principles into all aspects of our product's development, from planning to the end of itslife cycle and throughout the supply chain. We prioritize green initiatives in our operations and utilize our global presence and industry expertise to improve healthcare access in developing nations. Our business practices uphold the highest levels of ethics and compliance and promote inclusivity and diversity in our workforce. Additionally, we actively support the well-being of underprivileged individualsand communities globally.


Super B Plus Group Ltd strives to excel in a demanding business climate, driving us to enhance innovation, productivity, and efficiency. Our continued financial stability is crucial for achieving our business and environmental objectives, as well as fostering innovation to solve current and future challenges.


Super B Plus Group Ltd strong global brand and reputation, coupled with our industry expertise and sustainabilityprogress, puts us in a unique position to make a significant impact. While we have made strides in certain areas of sustainability, there is still room for improvement. Next year's sustainability report will showcase our continued progress and advancements.


Our goal is to adhere to responsible environmental practices by mitigating potential risks to the environment, complying withenvironmental laws and regulations, and proactively preparing for future standards. This includes providing employee training on environmental policy, legislation, and procedures.


The company aims to achieve these goals by minimizing natural resource and energy consumption while using material goods in moderation. Waste creation will be reduced through improved operating practices and material recycling when possible, and all waste will be disposed of safely and responsibly. Furthermore, the company will invest in developing new products and processes with a reduced environmental impact and comply with all environmental legislation. Additionally, employee awareness training will be provided to ensure all staff cancontribute to the implementation of this policy.


The focus areas for emissions reduction projects include:


  • Low-carbon energy consumption
  • Low-carbon energy generation
  • Employee engagement and education
  • Customer engagement and education
  • Supply chain engagement and education
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Low-carbon materials and finished goods
  • Fleet efficiency and replacement
  • Waste reduction and material circularity
  • Low-carbon construction and infrastructure
  • Energy efficiency in production/ manufacturing
  • Employee mobility and


Methods used to support emissions reduction projects include strategy, governance, risk management, metrics, targets, and reporting. Additionally, scope 3 emissions calculations, financing, offsetting, andcarbon capture may also be utilized.


Engage our supply chain in actively reducing emissions through compliance and onboarding, educational support, awareness raising, collaborative innovation, information collection, and collaborative contractinginitiatives.


Super B Plus Group Ltd strives to educate our employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, and local communitiesabout sustainability and environmental concerns related to our business operations. Our shared goal is to consistently enhance the ecological footprint of our global activities. This policy represents our company's acknowledgement of its duty to protect the environment and serves as a pledge from both management and employees to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.


 Dorota Zareba    

Dorota Zareba (Mar 4, 2024 17:41 GMT)

Dorota Zareba

Quality Manager / Project Manager Super B Plus Group Ltd



Date 03/02/2024