Non-contact Infrared Digital Body Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adult (Forehead & Ear Mode)

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About this item:

Non-contact Infrared Digital Body Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adult  (Forehead & Ear Mode)

* Quick Measurement:in Just One Second, Fast Learn The Temperature

* Ear Temperature + Forehead Temperature (Scan + Spot Measurement) 3 in 1

* Easy Operation, One Button Design, To Measure Both Ear and Forehead

* ℃ and ℉ Conversion

* Small Size and Easy to Carry

* Auto Shut-down And Power-saving

* 3 Color Backlight Alarm

* High Fever Alarm

Mini Portable Thermometer

Forehead mode,Ear Mode

9 Advantages Top Configuration

Non Contact




Three Color Indication

50 Memories

Fever Alarm

℃ and ℉ Conversion


Smart Chip 2.0

High-precision probe,the lowest error value in the industry.

High-precision sensor,collects more than 1000 sets of data per second and is corrected by professional algorithm precision,and the measurement accuracy is accurate to 0.1℃ .

Wide working temperature

First working environment temperature of 5℃ ~40℃ .

Dual Mode

3 Measurement Methods.

Spot Measurement/Scan Measurement/Ear Measurement.

Put a hat on :forehead mode.

Unplug the hat :ear mode.

Spot Measurement

Measurement distance is 1-5cm,and the best measurement distance is about 1cm.

Scan Measurement

Forehead temporal artery scanning temperature measurement technology,more accurate measurement.

Ear Measurement

Unplug the cover will automatically swich to ear mode.

put a hat on forehead mode.

Unplug the hat ear mode.

Three Color Indication

Fever Alarm

Body temperature pattern:

34.0~37.3℃: Green (Normal)

37.4~38.0℃: Yellow (Low fever)

38.1~43.0℃: yellow flashing (High fever)

50 Memory

Intelligent recording of 50 groups of memory.

After power on,short press the power button to view the momory data.

LCD screen visible at night.

Small Size Mini Protable

Lightweight and protable,stylish appearance,smooth lines,ergonomic design,comfoortable to hold.

Size: 93*51*24.5mm

One Key Mute

Be quiet and not disturb

In the power-on state,the changan power button can switch the mute mode.

Switch ℃ to ℉

In shutdown state,press and hold on ON/Memo button to enter unit switch display.

The thermometer will perform self-test with all segments displayed.

When display unit what you want,release On/Memo button saving the setting,and back to ready display for measurement with“_ _ _ _ _ _ ”

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Use

Why are the measured temperatures of the left and right ears different?

The structure formed by the left and right ear canals is different for each person,and the measured temperature will fluctuate.

How to clean the probe after use?

Please wipe the probe with a cotton swab or alcohol to clean it,and install the dust cover after use.

My baby's ear canal is small and the probe can't be put in.

How to measure accurately?

Gently pull the baby back sideways(upward for adults),confirm that the probe is slowly inserted into ear canal, and the measurement is done.

Why is the temperature measurement data low?

The operation method is incorrect, the eardrum is not aligned or the probe is dirty, plaese clean the probe and re-measure according to the correct operation steps.

Product Description:

Product Parameters

Product size:93.6*51.3*24.5mm

Measuring Distance:1-5cm(0.4-2in)

Measuring Time: Ear Mode:≤ 2s Forehead scan mode: ≤ 5s

Automatic Shutdown:≤ 35s

Batteries: DC3.0V CR2032 * 1

Measurement Accuracy: ±0.2℃

Operating Condition: Operating Temperature:10℃~40℃,relative humidity≤95%.

Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa-106kpa

Rated Output Range:34℃~43℃

Product Specifications:

Voltage: DC 3V

Target User: Baby Children Adults

Style: Household, Medical

Product Name: Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer

Probe: German import probe

Model Number: HTD8219

Memory Record: 50 set

Measuring site: Forehead and Ear

Measuring Time: ≤2S

Measuring Distance: 1-5CM(0.4-2in)

Material: ABS

Item Type: Thermometers

Feature 1: Mute function

Display: LCD Digital

Color Box Size: 93.6*51.3*24.5mm

Certification: CE

Brand Name: HeTaiDa ( 8 Authoritative Quality Certifacted Related to Thermometer for Adults Forehead : CFDA/CE/FDA/ISO/RoHS/CPA/FCC/SMETA)

Body mode temperature range: 34.0-43.0℃/93.2-109.4°F

Battery: DC3.0V CR2032 * 1

Auto Power Off Time: ≤ 35s

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