Magnetic Bracelet Crystals 'SUPER B'

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About this item:

Our 'SUPER B' Magnetic Hematite Bracelets are made from purest stones.

  • Hematite is a naturally occurring stone also known as iron-stone. The gauss rating for each hematite bead is approximately 2000 gauss.
  • Magnetic Hematite can be ground and reformed into magnetic beads giving a gentle flux of 500-1000 gauss

  • The Magnetic Hematite Bracelet works as the magnetic flux polarises the blood as it flows past, enabling oxygen to be carried around the body and toxins removed more freely. 

  • The design of the Magnetic Hematite Bracelet is simple yet effective and adds a little more interest to the bracelet as a piece of jewellery with the genuine stones and precious metals as well as a provide a magnetic therapy.


Product Description:

Size: Clamshell 

Product Specifications:

Brand Name: SUPER B
Product  Code: BANMH10

* Magnets should not be worn by people with pacemakers or whilst pregnant. Care should be taken to avoid contact with computer discs, credit cards etc. Please
note: if bracelets are worn continuously and allowed to get wet, over time the laquer
coating may wear off. This particularly applies to magnetic link bracelets and is a
cosmetic problem only, the effectiveness of the bracelet will not be affected.