Inogen One G3 16 cell Battery

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About this item:

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion-16 cell

A key consideration when selecting a portable oxygen concentrator is the battery. Fortunately, Inogen One oxygen concentrators are highly efficient, so they have a prolonged life with one battery. In the event of a longer duration activity such as a flight, an extra battery may be necessary. The BA-300 8 cell battery is lighter, yet has a shorter battery life, compared to the BA-316 16 cell battery, which is heavier but allows for a longer oxygen supply.

Charge and running time:

Battery      Recharge time      Running time      Weight
8 cell (BA-300)     +/- 4 hours     up to 4.5 hours   0,6 kg.
16 cell (BA-316)   +/- 8 hours   up to 9 hours   1.6 kg.


Product Specifications:

Brand Name: Inogen, Inc.



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