Electric Cordless Ear Cleaner Remover Baby & Children

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About this item:

1. This four-piece luminous ear spoon with LED light can be used not only to clean the ears, massage the ears, but also to clean the nasal cavity.

2. The luminous ear pick, luminous ear tweezers and luminous nose clip allow you to clearly see the inside of the ear canal or nasal cavity, and easily clean foreign objects such as ear wax.

3. The soft and smooth silicone soft spoon head and the adjustable angle 5 times magnifying glass reduce the difficulty of cleaning the ears and help you clean your ear without hurting your ears.

4. Double-head spiral massage earpick can refresh the ear in all directions, clean the earwax, and massage the meridian of the ear.

5. The double silicone buckle makes the handle fit tightly with the spoon head and not easy to slip off.

6. This earpick set can be charged by USB, supports multiple charging methods, such as power supply, power bank and computer, and can be used for up to 30 days. (The charging time is only 30-60 minutes.)

7. The exquisite storage leather bag is convenient for you to store and carry, and makes the suit not easy to lose.

Product Description:

Material: stainless steel + plastic

Color: yellow

Size: 16*1 diameter CM

Weight: 130g

Packing size:15.2*6.7*3.8CM

Charging time: 30-60 minutes

Using time: 30 days

Package Included:

1* Rechargeable Luminous Ear Pick

1* Rechargeable Luminous Ear Tweezer

1* Double-head Spiral Massage Ear Spoon

1* Electronic Luminous Nose Clip

3* Pieces of Electronics (installed in the nose clip)

4* Ear Tip

2* Magnifying Glass

1* USB Charging Cable

1* Storage Bag

Product Specifications:

Brand Name: Hailicare

Model Number: Ear Wax Pickers

Item Type: Ear CareSize: 4pcs

Material: Steel

Number of Pieces: One Unit

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