Copper Bangle 3/8" Celtic Weave Large 'SUPER B'

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About this item:

Our 'SUPER B' Copper Bracelets are made from purest refined copper.

  • For hundreds of years copper bracelets have been worn in the belief that they give relief to arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Since Roman times people have used copper as a form of pain relief. The copper has anti-inflammatory properties which is why it reduces joint pain, making it ideal for sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism and general aches and discomfort. 
  • Copper bracelets can relieve stiffness in the joints. Those suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis will be felt more relaxed while wearing the copper bracelets. 
  • The copper bracelets works as the magnetic flux polarises the blood as it flows past, enabling oxygen to be carried around the body and toxins removed more freely. The reason is because the micro minerals, more effective and rapid entry into the blood stream via sweat. The skin is thought to absorb tiny particles of copper forming salts which replace deficiencies in affected joints. This is useful for joints and tissue in the body for the long term. 
  • The Celtic weave design of the Copper Bangle is simple yet effective and adds a little more interest to the bracelet as a piece of jewellery as well as a source for copper. 
  • Quality Guarantee - Copper is C101 grade and comes direct from UK mil.
  • Made in the UK


Product Description:

Size: Clamshell Large

Product Specifications:

Brand Name: SUPER B
Product  Code: BANCL8

* Magnets should not be worn by people with pacemakers or whilst pregnant. Care should be taken to avoid contact with computer discs, credit cards etc. Please
note: if bracelets are worn continuously and allowed to get wet, over time the laquer
coating may wear off. This particularly applies to magnetic link bracelets and is a
cosmetic problem only, the effectiveness of the bracelet will not be affected.